• The NEW Sonicare Cover

    The Sonic Seal is made from 100% glow in the dark silicone. It seals those nooks and crannies where mold, bacteria and saliva leak into the replacement heads.

    We guarantee that our product works, or you get your money back.


    BUY NOW - $9.99 THREE PACK

Who Can Use The Sonic Seal?

1. The Sonic Seal is designed for your E-Series replacement heads.

2. Place The Sonic Seal over a CLEAN and DRY replacement head.

3. Leave it on until your brush wears down (approximately three months).

The Sonic Seal is not designed for multiple users of the same toothbrush base. Removing it daily will be a pain in the you know what.

How To Apply The Sonic Seal

BUY NOW -- $9.99

Pull the seal over your brush and work it down until you align into the groove at the bottom of replacement head. Leave The Sonic Seal on for three months or until you need to change your replacement head. Enjoy!

Rinse After Three Months And Use Over and Over Again



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No More Messy Sonicare (Customer Photos)


Send us your picture and we will upload it to our site. Each week we will credit a free order to one lucky customer.

Sold In Packs Of Three ($10.99) 1 Year Free Replacement!


FOX News Story Featuring The Sonic Seal


The Best Toothbrush On The Planet Just Got Better

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